Your Guide to a Super Bowl Party (Taylor’s Version)

While we aren’t getting a Taylor Swift half-time show, this might be the next best thing? Well for everyone except all the dads, Brads, and Chads out there (IYKYKYK). I never in a million years thought that I would be writing a blog post that combined some of my favorite things – Football, T-Swift, and the Chiefs. While some people out there are probably either in it for the football or in it for Taylor, I’m a big fan of both, so this Super Bowl just Hits Different. I grew up watching the Chiefs play with my dad, so this Love Story has been brewing for a longtime in my mind. My appreciation for Andy Reid’s mustache gas been a longtime coming. Call It What You Want, but my love for the Chiefs is Nothing New. Long Story Short, you know who I’m rooting for. And if you are reading this I am guessing you are too. It’s Nice to Have a Friend in you, fellow KC Swfities.

What to Wear

Trying to decide what to wear to your Taylor Swift themed Super Bowl party? Say no more, I have rounded up a few favorites that may still arrive before Feb. 11th!

Cheifs Super Bowl Shirt
Heartstrings Theory
Subtle embroidery, Taylor Swift, and the Chiefs? Say no more. I already ordered mine!
Cheifs and Taylor Swift Sweatshirt
NotTodayApparel via Etsy
If you’re really just in it for Taylor, this one is for you.
NFL logo Taylor's Version Sweatshirt
Wanting something that isn’t Cheifs related? This is a little more neutral.
Loving him was red lyric sweatshirt
Wanting something that nods to her lyrical genius? Here ya go.

Cheifs x Taylor Swift Super Bowl Decor

Cheer on the Chiefs in Style, Swift style that is.

Taylor Swift Superbowl Decorations
Need something cute that you don’t have to gamble on shipping? These printable pennants are perfect!

Super Bowl Party Activities

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Food

Better Than Revenge Bacon Bites

Enchanted to MEAT You Charcuterie Board

Paper Onion Rings

Should’ve Said Nachos

Look What You Made Me Fondue

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Wings

Taylor Tots

You Need to Queso Down

The Grape War Jelly Meatballs

Death by a Thousand Deli-Cuts

Want a way to document your Swiftie-Fied party? Check out this post on my favorite everyday cameras.

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