Reasons to Book Fresh 48 Photos and Film

If you are due with a baby in the coming months, I am sure that someone has given you advice to book newborn photos (they are right, by the way – you should). But I would guess that you probably haven’t been told to book fresh 48 photos and film, am I right? Let’s be honest, maybe you have never heard of that. No worries, I am about to change that! 

So, what does it even mean to “book fresh 48 photos and film”? Simply put, it’s when you hire a photographer to come take photos and or record video within 48 hours of your baby’s birth at the hospital. 

If you ask me, these moments are downright sacred. Those first couple days of your baby’s life are full of so much newness, emotion, love, and wonder. As a mom, you are meeting the person you have been dreaming of, planning for, and loving for the past 10 months. If you are a sibling, you are meeting your built-in, life-long best friend for the very first time. I feel like those are reasons enough to choose to book fresh 48 photos and film, but if you need more convincing here are 5 reasons! 

newborn baby girl wrapped in hospital blanket in bassinet yawning during fresh 48 photos

5 Reasons to Book Fresh 48 Photos and Film

1. So you can be in the moment too.

Let’s face it, most of the time, the responsibility of taking the photos and recording the videos usually falls on mom. At least in my house it does. 24-48 hours after giving birth is not the time to add one more responsibility to your plate. Go ahead and give yourself the freedom of enjoying the moment by booking me for fresh 48 photos and film. 

2. So the moment can be just between immediate family. 

The struggle of wanting to have space as just an immediate family before extended family shows up, but also having someone there to take photos and videos is real. If you book me for fresh 48 photos and film, you are taking away the worry of “but who will take the photos of all of us.” Being able to soak in those sweet moments as just an immediate family is priceless.

3. Those days at the hospital are a blur.

Labor may feel like it lasts for ages, but the time after at the hospital is a whirlwind. Between nurses coming in for vitals, various forms that need to be signed, and trying to time your sleep for minimal interruptions, finding time to be intentional about taking good photos is nearly impossible. By the time you feel like getting out of the hospital bed, it’s almost time to be discharged. 

4. Hospital lighting is bad. 

This may sound like the oddball on the list, but seriously – have you ever been inside a hospital room that has good light? If so, please advise so I can direct everyone to said hospital. When you hire me to come take care of the photos for you, you are hiring someone who has experience working with undesirable light. You don’t have to worry about wondering how to best position the bassinet to make sure there aren’t shadows covering your baby’s face. I will take care of all of that for you.

5. You have already taken newborn photos at your home with previous children, and the nursery is the same. 

If this isn’t your first baby, chances are you have already taken at home newborn photos with your other kiddos. While I definitely don’t think that is a reason to opt out of newborn photos at home, I do think it could be a reason to opt into fresh 48 photos and film at the hospital. This could offer a change of scenery if the nursery hasn’t been changed at all or if your home isn’t ideal of photos. 

If you aren’t convinced from my words alone, I will let the fresh 48 photos and film talk for themselves! 

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