Best Everyday Cameras & Prints 

Are you looking for an everyday camera that is different from your iPhone? Are you looking for some ideas on how to print photos at home for journaling, inspo boards, etc? Or maybe you are just trying to figure out the best way to print all those random photos on your phone. Below I have listed some of the best everyday cameras that I have come across as well as mini printers. 

boy playing on the trampoline with his parents, mom catching him as he falls backwards

The first thing that you should do is decide what you are trying to accomplish with this everyday camera.

Do you want to have something that prints instantly? 

Do you want a camera that has more of a vintage look to the photos? 

Do you want something that your child could use? 

Do you want something easy to use? 

Do you want to print photos but don’t necessarily want to do it at home? 

Do you want an everyday camera that connects to your phone?

Find my recommendations to all of those questions and more below! 

Best Everyday Cameras for Instant Prints 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 

This is the latest of the Mini series, which now has a closeup feature! You might notice that when searching for these on Amazon, you will get a bunch of hits of the Instax Mini. To keep things simple, there are various version of an Insta and multiple models within those versions. As of now, the 12 is the latest one! 

Ease of Use: 5 star
Cost: $78+ (this is without film)
Film or Digital: Film
Cons: The film is a bit pricey if you plan to take lots of snaps. 

Why I love it: I love the nostalgia of this camera. The reality is that this is film and it’s small, non-professional grade film. With that being said, you aren’t going to get the crispest photos, but you will get classic shots that really do a great job grabbing the feeling of the moment. Truly one of the best everyday cameras in my opinion.

Best Everyday Camera with Bluetooth Feature

Fujifilm Instax Digital Pal

This is the newest of the Instax lineup and I have to say I am so intrigued. They are marketing this as a “pocket-sized” digital camera. It has the ability to transfer to a smartphone via INSTAX PAL smartphone App via bluetooth or the INSTAX MINI LINK 2 smartphone printer. 

Ease of Use: I haven’t used this myself, but its suppose to be very user friendly. 
Cost: $199.95+ 
Film or Digital: Digital 

Why I love it or think I would: This may be a future purchase for me! I am always on the hunt for cameras that are easy enough for kids to use. The fact that it literally fits in your pocked it a big sell for me. Think DisneyWorld – you don’t want to lug around something large, want something more nostalgic than your iPhone. 

Best Everyday Camera that is Easy to Use

Camp Snap Camera

I discovered this little gem after a friend posted about it on Instagram. This is a digital camera with a film look. This one would be great to let your kid use because of the fact that it only has one button. 

Ease of Use: I haven’t used this personally, but from what I have heard it couldn’t be any easier! One button to push and transferring the images to your computer is as easy as plugging it in via usb. 
Cost: $65
Film or Digital: Digital

Why I love it or think I would: This little guy is screen free! No fussing over settings, composition, etc. It really allows you to live in the moment and just “snap a photo”. This is one of the best everyday cameras for kids and adults.

Starter DSLR Cameras

Sony Alpha a6000

Canon Rebel t7 

Nikon z30 

Mini Printers 

Want a way to print photos on the fly with the camera you already have? If so, one of these options might be the best for you! 

HP Sprocket

This handheld printer can print 2×3 sized photos on the spot. All you need is a device that can connect to the HP Sprocket app via bluetooth. There are multiple versions of this printer – all at different price points. If you aren’t too concerned with print quality, the HP Sprocket will do just fine. 

Ease of Use: The app makes it really easy to print your photos with the push of a few buttons. 
Cost: $79.99+ 
Uses film specifically for this printer. 
Cons: The print quality is far from “professional” and the film can be pricey. 

Why I love it: The fact that I can quickly print photos from my computer or phone at the drop of a hat. 

*If I purchased this now, I would opt for the “select” option.

INSTAX Mini Link 2

If you love the look of the Fujifilm INSTAX cameras, but you don’t want to deal with the actual camera, you can opt for the printer.

Ease of Use: According to Amazon reviews, this one gets a check mark for ease of use. 
Cost: $131+ 
Uses INSTAX MINI film. 

Why I love it or think I would: you can print from the camera or phone you already have.

Print Services

Love the idea of printing all those photos on your phone or computer, but don’t want the hassle of buying more “things” or want better quality than those at-home options? Send your photos off! Here are a few apps that allow you to set up subscription services that print and ship every month. 


This is one I use and love! It is app based, so once you download the app you can add photos throughout the month. At the end of the month you will get a notification to make sure all of your photos (30) for the month have been added before it ships. You can choose between 4×6 rectangle prints and 4×4 square prints. The quality is great because the company prints via a professional lab. 

Ease of Use: very easy! The app is simple and there isn’t a ton of things you have to choose from. 
Cost: $9.95+ per month 

Why I love it or think I would: The print quality is great and I love that it reminds me to print every month. I also love the packaging the prints are delivered in. 


If you love the idea of printing every month, but don’t love having a bunch of loose prints then this might be the option for you! Chatbooks is pretty well known, and that’s for good reason. They offer professional quality photo books that ship every month. 

Ease of Use: I have never used this service personally, but I see it recommended from everyday people over and over again. 
Cost: $7+ monthly
Ease of Use: word on the street is that this is very simple to do 

Why I love it or think I would: I love how accessible this makes printing your photos! In case you didn’t already know, I am a huge advocate for printing your photos! 

Overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out what and how to print? Then let me do it for you with my Yearbook Design Service! All you have to do is send me photos and approve before print. That is all! 

No matter which everyday camera, printer, or service you choose I hope you document those everyday moments and print some memories! 

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