Personality Minis are at the top of the list of favorite sessions that I offer. As a DFW family & newborn photographer, I love documenting the genuine emotions of children, and that is what you get with personality mini sessions. These sessions are special because they are a designated time to capture all the faces, quirks, and personalities of your kiddos.

What to do with the photos from your personality mini sessions?

Life Size Prints

My favorite way to display these photos is life-sized prints to display in your home. These are fun and sentimental which is fun to have once your kids have grown in size. Life-sized prints are a great way to take up a lot of space on a wall, so if you are looking for a fun statement piece these are perfect. I especially love this option if you have multiple kids. It’s a great way to display all of their personalities in one place. One of my go to places for printing these is Smallwoods Home.

Individual Photo Books

Currently, my personality mini sessions include 5 digital images when you book; however, the gallery usually has many more that you can purchase in addition to the first 5. If you end up purchasing the whole gallery (which most people do) you can easily create a mini flip book for each child. These would be a unique way to display the whole gallery in a cost-effective way. If you enjoy doing this yourself, I recommend using these Artifact Uprising mini-books. This would be a great keepsake to make every year.

Gallery Wall

If you don’t have space for life-size prints, these work great for gallery walls, too. If you only have one child, you can display their different facial expressions. A family with multiple children can make a fun grid of all the faces that make up your family.

Gifts for the Family

These personality mini sessions are the perfect time and place to stock up on “gifts for ______” content. Whether you are trying to please grandma with an elegant smiling portrait or give dad a laugh with socks with your kiddo’s face on them – personality minis will be your answer. You will walk away with the best content for gifts for everyone in the family.

Family Yearbook

Another great place for these images is in your family yearbook. If you haven’t started making a family yearbook, I would love to help you out! You can find more info here.

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