Woodland Themed Nursery

Last month I was able to come out of quarantine hibernation to photograph this little dude in his woodland themed nursery. I always love seeing what kind of nursery that parents design for their babe. There is something so special about creating a little sanctuary for your first born. Creating Miller’s nursery was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. I remember going in there during my third trimester picturing him sleeping in his crib and playing in the floor. Little Peter’s parents designed a sweet haven full of books and cozy spots to play. His library was chocked full of classics that his little fingers will love to flip through one day.

Watching these new parents cuddle their little bundle in his woodland themed nursery was such a gift. Now that I am a mom, these newborn sessions are even sweeter to be a part of. Knowing how exhausting those first few weeks (okay, months) of parenthood are, makes it so much more special to watch the joy overflow. Even though these parents had just met their little boy just weeks before, the bond that they already had was incredible. Peter’s dad radiated joy as he interacted with him, and his mom provided so much comfort to her little guy.

I can’t wait to watch Peter grow up this coming year and photograph him for his first birthday. I love when parent’s choose packages that allow me to photograph a child through their first year.

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