If I were to drop the phrase “Fresh 48 Session”, some of you might know what I am talking about. However, most of you are probably asking yourself “what is a Fresh 48 Session?”. If I were not a photographer I would probably not be aware of what it is either. Having discovered what they are (and how incredible they are) I want to share the goodness with you all. I also want to let you know that I am now offering Fresh 48 Sessions!

So, what is a Fresh 48 Session?

Simply put, it is a photography session within 48 hours after the birth of your baby. These sessions are typically done at the hospital. These can also take place at your home if you had a home birth or delivered at a birthing center. These sessions are perfect for documenting those little details that can easily be forgotten during those first few days at the hospital. Looking back at my own birthing/hospital experience with my son, it all feels like a blur. Sure, I remember the emotions of it, but a lot of the details are lost on me (hello giant surge or hormones).

I opted out of a Fresh 48 session because of the price, but I regret it so much. Please, don’t be like me and think “I can just do it myself”. 

Have I convinced you yet? If not, let me debunk some more thoughts you might be having.

 My phone has a great camera, so I will just take them myself. 

Unless you are taking a selfie or using a self-timer, there isn’t a way for you to actually be in the photos. Also, the lighting in hospitals can be really tricky, which makes it even harder to do this successfully. Oh, and that isn’t even taking into account how exhausted you are. I mean you just birthed a baby – which should be an Olympic sport in and of itself.

Do you have other children aside from baby? If so, do you remember how difficult it is to get them to sit still or smile or essentially do something you are asking them to do? Not to mention in new/foreign situations. I am not saying that you aren’t capable of taking a great photo of your kids. Because I believe you can and that there is MOST DEFINITELY space and reason for you to document your days with your kiddos. I just want you to understand that this setting might not be the easiest place/time to do that, and I want you to have beautiful photos of this experience.

I will just have my spouse or another family member take photos.

Moms, have you ever compared the photos you have taken of your husband with the kids to the photos your husband has taken of you and the kids? Need I say more?  All kidding aside,  unless your spouse or a family member has professional photography experience, they probably don’t know the best angles or have the instinct on how to compose a flattering photo.

It is also nice to not have to ask or worry about someone documenting something specific. It is so freeing to let the family just enjoy the new baby without adding the task of documenting it.

I am not going to be “photo-ready” after giving birth. 

I would never expect you to be! These photos are not for looking your best. These Fresh 48 Sessions are for documenting the details, the story, the raw beauty of welcoming a new life into the world. I will meet you exactly where you are and capture these moments that shouldn’t be forgotten. My goal is to document the new bond between you, your family, and your new baby.

If you want those gorgeous photos with hair, makeup, and the works then a newborn session is for you. You can read up on those here.

I am planning on having newborn photos taken, I don’t need a Fresh 48 Session, too. 

While there are similarities between a Newborn session and a Fresh 48 Session, they are so different. A Fresh 48 Session focuses on the story and the initial moments of connection. Depending on when you schedule it, it could be the moment siblings meet for the first time. This session takes into account all those sweet details from the hospital – the bracelet on baby’s ankle, the classic pink and blue striped cap, the flannel swaddles with the ducks or stripes or footprints. These sessions document all those little pieces of the story that become an afterthought. So, no I do not think a Fresh 48 Session and a Newborn session are interchangeable.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I am happy to give you even more reasons via email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have.

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Fort Worth Fresh 48 Photographer

Fort Worth Fresh 48 Session

New Dad with newborn daughter

Fresh 48 Session Andrews Women's Hospital

Fresh 48 Session Andrews Women's Hospital

What is a fresh 48 session

What is a fresh 48 session

Fresh 48 Session Photographer DFW

What is a fresh 48 session

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Fresh 48 Session Baylor, Scott & White

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Newborn Hospital PHotos

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What is a fresh 48 session

What is a fresh 48 session

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