gift ideas for 2 year old

Holiday Gift Guides

When it comes to holiday shopping, there are two kinds of people out there: those that have finished all of their shopping by December 1st and those that have not even started. No matter which category you fall in, these holiday gift guides will be your best friend! I have created gift guides that are age-based, themed, and stocking stuffer-specific. These are packed full of unique gifts that are of high quality and worth the investment. We have a lot of the things listed below in our home, or they are on our wish lists. I hope you find something perfect for the loved ones in your life!

By Age

holiday gift guide for baby

2.Soft Sensory Ball Set 3. Silicone Stacking Toy 4. Mini Rolling Wheel 5. Gathre Padded Mat 6.Zutano Baby Booties 7. Lovevery Play Gym 8.Cuddle & Kind Doll 9. Baby Einstein Activity Mirror

When M was little, he absolutely loved any toy that included crinkle paper. It is such a great thing to stuff in the diaper bag or even your pocket for the car ride! The Zutano Booties are the perfect alternative to socks and shoes for babies. Because all of us know that shoes and socks don’t ever stay on.

gift guide for 6 -12 month old

  1. Indestructibles Book 2. Dimpl Toy 3. Tegu Magnetic Stacking Toy 4. Ezpz First Feeding Set 5. Neutral Baby Walker 6. Moonlight Arch Teether 7. Pikler Triangle 8. Sensory Tumblers 9. Farm Activity Triangle

The must-have for the 6-12 months old (and even older) is the Pikler Triangle! M received this around 12 months and was pretty much non-stop on it for a year. He still plays with it now, but we rotate it out often because he has mastered it. I truly believe this is one of the reasons why his gross motor skills were so strong!

gift guide for 12-18 month old

  1. Miniland Doll 2. Neutral Activity Table 3. Starter Block Set 4. Plus Plus Basic Set 5. SmartMax Magnetic Animals 6. Grimm’s Rainbow Sorting Game 7. Kid’s Hydroflask 8. Grimm’s Conical Tower 9. Usborne Big Book of Colors

The Hydroflask is a necessity at our house because the tiny tot in our house likes his water cold! These are very durable also, which is a huge plus! Another BIG favorite is the SmartMax Magnetic sets. We have the trucks and they get played with almost daily! Honestly, any of these are crowd-pleaser with young toddlers.

gift guide for toddlers
1.Good Wood Mini Golf Game 2. Flisat Sensory Table 3. IKEA Play Kitchen 4. Wooden Stacking Triangles 5. SmartMax Set 6. Sticker Stories 7. Nugget 8. Gathre Play Mat 9. Connectix Ball Run

This age range may be my favorite set of gifts of them all. The Nugget is the true MVP here. While a bit pricey, it is worth every penny. We use this to build forts, obstacle courses, and use it as a set for adults in the playroom. The other popular item in our house is the IKEA Flisat table, it is the perfect spot for all the messy activities.

gift ideas for 2 year old

1.Balance Bike 2. Wobble Board 3. Stacking Color Crystals 4. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks 5. Wooden Play Work Bench 6. Brio Train Set 7. Doctor Kit 8. Name Pennant 9. Baseball Cap

This balance bike is not only totally practical (it is adjustable so it should last until they are ready for a big kid bike). M has the Wooden Toy Work Bench on his Christmas list, and I am already envisioning all the little “projects” he will have.

gift guide for three year old

Dino Ring Toss 2. Little Numbers Set 3. Connectix Ball Run 4. Grapat Nins & Rings Set 5. Mad Matter 6. Maileg Mouse 7. Schleich Big Barn 8. Yoto Player 9. IKEA Easel

Obviously, three-year-olds aren’t in my wheelhouse quite yet, BUT I have all kinds of ideas as M gets older. I am loving this Little Numbers set from Lily & River. It is such a useful (and gorgeous) gift idea for those little learners in your life. This IKEA easel is the updated version of what we have and I have all the heart eyes for it.

gift idea for 4 year old

  1. LEGO Creative Suitcase 2. Basic Dollhouse 3. Weather Toy 4. Lacing Beads 5. Take Along Drill Toy 6. Treasure Blocks 7. Magnatab ABC’s 8. Rainbow Pebbles 9.Stomp a Rocket

I can’t wait until M is old enough to enjoy these Treasure Tubes! We have just ventured into the collecting obsession, so I am excited to purchase these in the future!

five year old gift ideas

1. Alphabet Bean Bags 2. Automobile Engineer Kit 3. WellieWisher 4. Hey Clay 5. Grapat Lola Set 6. Brio Lift and Load Set 7. Plus Plus Vehicle Builder 8. LEGO Frozen Castle 9. AirFort

If I am being honest, I just want that cute little Hey Clay Kit for myself. Oh, and maybe the Airfort so I can hideaway and have some peace and quiet… kidding, kind of.

gift ideas for wife

1. Magnolia Lounge Set 2. Amber Candle 3. Cookbook Holder 4. Artifact Uprising Scrapbook 5. LSP Yearbook Design Service 6. Brass Photo Holder 7. Apple Airtags 8. Mama Hat 9. Gathre Home Mat

Did you think I was going to forget about all you mamas? Of course not! You can find most of these things on my Christmas wish list this year. The LSP Family Yearbook is a staple at our house, duh! I am also super eager to get my hands on an Apple Airtag becuase lets face it, I “lose” my keys about 5 times a day.

Holiday Gift Guides by Personality

gift ideas for active kids

  1. Balancing Stones 2. Balance Beam 3. Globber 3-in-1 Scooter 4. Indoor Soccer Goal 5. Ball Pit 6. Pikler Triangle 7. Nugget 8. Indoor Swing 9. Red Racer

If you have a kid who never stops moving, this holiday gift guide is right up your alley. My personal faves are the Nugget for its versatily and the stepping stones for easy storing!

gift ideas for artistic kids

1. Art Tablet 2. Origami Set 3. Scratch Art Cards 4. Wikki Stix Set 5. IKEA Easel 6. Hey Clay 7. Arts & Crafts Library 8. Art Smock 9. Weaving Kit

For all those kids who love to create, this holiday gift guide is jam packed! IKEA comes in clutch with affordable and practical options!

gift ideas for kids who like music

1. Piano 2. HABA Musical Eggs 3. Bluetooth Microphone 4. Loog Guitar 5. Musical Counters 6. My First Keyboard Book 7.Ki O Tempo 8. Instrument Set 9. Yoto Player

I am just over here crossing my fingers hoping that M has a musical bone in his body so I can get this cute Loog Guitar one day.

gift ideas for the book loving kids

1.Tractor Book 2. Vehicles Book 3. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter 4. Nativity Book 5. Alpha Block 6. The Leaf Theif 7. Goodnight, Little Blue Truck 8. Personalized Board Book 9. The Big Book of Construction

For all the little book worms out there, you and I are kindred spirits! These books are some our faves in the Stearns household.

Stocking Stuffers Gift Guides

stocking stuffers for babies

1. Finger Puppets 2. Contrast Cards 3. Lemon Teether 4. Pastel Maracas 5. Bandana Bibs 6. Acron Teether 7. Bath Boat 8. Kyte Zipper 9. Lou Lou Headband

When M was in the drooly stage, we went through SO MANY bibs and these Copper Pearl Bandana bibs were our go to!

stocking stuffers for 1-2 year olds

1. Push Puppets 2. Rock Crayons 3. Safari Ltd Animals 4. Dot Art Markers 5. Tube Poppers 6. Bathtub Crayons 7. Flash Cards 8. Lou Lou Bows 9. Sarah’s Silks

Stocking Stuffers are probably some of my favorite things to buy for Christmas. However, I am not a fan of buying junk. These options are fun but also high quality amd can be used again and again.

stocking stuffers for 3-4 year olds

1. Plus Plus Nature Builder 2. SmartQ Puzzler 3. Magnatab Free Draw 4. Tangoes 5.MadMatter 6. Magnet Activity Pack 7.Safari Ltd. Tubes 8. Leo + June Sensory Kit 9. Plus Plus Tube

The Magnatab Free Draw is giving me all the modern Etch-A-Sketch vibes.

stocking stuffer for moms

1. Mini Bluetooth Speaker 2. Hair Pin 3. Bracelet Stack 4. Blink Box 5. Press On Nails 6. Square Prints 7. Pocket Calendar 8. Beauty Counter Mascara 9. Seed Bead Key Ring

Ummmm can someone stuff my stocking full of all these goodies, pretty please?

I sure do hope you find something perfect for under your tree! Thanks for reading and happy gifting!

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