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When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the things I was most looking forward to (aside from having our baby boy) was creating a baby registry. I had so much fun with our wedding registry, so I knew that a baby registry would be twice the fun. However, once I was ankle deep in the process I realized there were so many choices. I easily became overwhelmed in deciphering what we actually needed and what was unnecessary. I scoured the web for opinions on products and insight from other moms. So, now that we are 4 months into this whole parenting thing, I thought I would share my baby registry favorites.

Of course, every baby is different, so you may find something that works better for you, but the items below are a good place to start.

1. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

I honestly don’t know if we could have gotten Miller to sleep at all if it weren’t for this swaddle. What’s so great about this swaddle is that it Velcro’s over baby’s arms. Our little guy never stops moving and combine with the newborn startle reflex, a normal swaddle blanket did not even come close to keep him snug. We have now upgraded to the bigger size because we grew out of the newborn so quickly. When Miller starts rolling over, we will just wrap the velcro around his torso so his arms are free. I like that this one is versatile and can be used even after baby is rolling over. It is a definite baby registry must.

2. Rohm Portable White Noise Machine

Let me start off by saying this: if we leave the house without this – we definitely notice. While our son doesn’t necessarily need this to sleep, it helps him fall asleep SO much faster by blocking out the random noises. We love this one because it is rechargeable, so we aren’t wasting money on an endless amount of batteries. It only has to be charged every few days. I will say we chose the one with the cloth strap, but in hindsight I wish we would have gotten the one with the ring so it could be attached to the carseat a little more easily.

3. Uppababy Vista Stroller

This stroller has a pretty price tag, but man is it worth it. We love this stroller so much. My favorite thing is the versatility of the stroller. Not only does it have a regular toddler seat, but it has the capability to add another seat later on if another kid comes along. It is also compatible with many carseats, and it comes with a bassinet. We used the bassinet not only for strolling around, but for sleeping two. We just stopped using it recently because our boy is too long. I would highly encourage you to hunt for deals on this stroller because it is top of the line in the stroller world.

4. Uppababy Mesa Infant Seat

We went ahead and stuck with the Uppababy brand when it came to our infant carrier. Not only does it have a sleek design, but it has awesome safety features (naturally flame resistant, level indicator on base, etc.). I can already attest to the fact that it is easy to take the fabric off to wash, aka it can withstand blowouts. Another handy feature is little pocket holes on the side of the seat to store the metal fasteners for easy in/out with baby (and to save your fingers in the summer).

5. Gathre Mat

We ended up asking for this for Christmas because I was so tired of washing the blanket we used for floor time. What is so great about this product is that it is wipeable, can I get an amen? So, with our little dude having reflux, this was a game changer. Instead of having to use 3 different blankets throughout the day, I could just wipe this clean. It is also super easy to pack and doesn’t take up much room. Also, rumor has it that sand doesn’t stick to it (hello beach mat)!

6. Snuggle Me Organic

This product really is the next best thing to being held. Honestly, can I just get one in adult size? This has helped keep our little dude from turning like a clock in his sleep.

7. Honest Diapers (and creams, lotions, etc.)

These diapers are hands down our favorite, and no not just because they are crazy cute. We actually registered for (and prematurely purchased) a ton of Pampers Pure diapers, but they just did not work for us. We had way too many blow outs, and despite their claim to be chemical free – that had a weird smell to them. Honest diapers, however, have not let us down! Actually, we use an array of their products and love them all!

8. Kate Quinn Organics

I stumbled upon this brand when I was building our registry, and I couldn’t get enough. I ended up ordering a few items and fell in love. The products are SO soft and adorable. I love them because they make great staple pieces in a baby’s wardrobe. If you are choosing to not find out the gender until birth, this brand is a great choice because they have so many gender neutral items. Plus, they have amazing sales quite often.

9. Keekaroo Peanut Changer

Wipeable!!! Can you sense a theme here? With a newborn, you are already doing twice the amount of laundry than you were before, so one less thing to wash does make a difference. This changing table makes cleaning up messes so much easier. Miller also loves laying on it, so I am guessing it is pretty comfy.

10. Copper Pearl Products

We go through A LOT of bibs and burp cloths over here, and this brand is hands down my favorite. These products are well made and have multiple layers. Not to mention they come in the cutest prints. These can be found on Amazon, which is another win!


There are so many other products I would recommend, but these are definitely the ones I would miss the most if I didn’t have them.


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